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Procurement & Supply Chain Control Tower

The PSCCT is a strategic initiative designed to transform the procurement and supply chain management and its operations by integrating people and processes with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, unlocking huge potential for value creation. This center is considered one of the catalysts for becoming the most digitalized company in the energy industry.

The value that the center generates to the operation is significant, to name a few:

Unlock value from big data Mitigate supply chain disruption risks with advanced prediction analysis capabilities Monitor and act on key business metrics and events across the supply chain in real time Prepare Supply Chain workforces for the digitalized future Enable Supply Chain Management to make informed decision timely Enable collaboration framework between all stakeholders

The center is operated by three groups:

  • Business Command Center
  • Data Management & Decision Support
  • Digital solutions Delivery Accelerator
business functions

The center is operated by three groups

Business Command Center Group

Event Monitoring & Alerting
Emergency Response
Hyper-Connected Point of Contact

Data Management & Decision Support Group

Information Solution & Services
Business Opportunity Analysis
Advanced Analysis

Digital solutions Delivery Accelerator Group

Initative Management
Strategy & Planning
Organisational Empowerment

Our Team

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